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The Chicago Council on Global Affairs is pleased to announce that Chicago freelance journalist Tasmiha Khan and a team of reporters from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel have been selected as the 2022-23 Richard C. Longworth Media Fellows. 

A collaboration with the Pulitzer Center, the Longworth Media Fellowships promote international reporting by Chicago and Midwestern journalists. Fellowships in the amount of $10,000 are awarded each year, thanks to a grant provided by the Clinton Family Fund to honor Longworth, a former Chicago Tribune foreign correspondent and current Distinguished Fellow at the Council.

The fellowships aim to reconnect Midwestern readers with international stories that impact their daily lives, after years of financial pressure forced regional outlets to cut foreign correspondents from their staffs. For her project, Khan will report on religious communities in the Midwest and South Asia and how they think about adhering to their religious values as they come to the Midwest as immigrants. Khan will be focusing on the South Asian community primarily, beginning with Bangladeshis and potentially other immigrants. Through her reporting, she will look at migrants’ relationships with religion across borders: How does family back home influence the adherence and expression of religious faith among immigrants in the U.S.?

Khan’s work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and Vox, among other outlets. Currently, she covers a wide range of topics related to health, race, politics, culture, and religion. This past year, Khan was named a fellow for Knight Science Journalism at MIT, and an Interfaith Youth Core/Religion News Service Religion Journalism fellow. She is also the founder of a nonprofit, Brighter Dawns, which works to address health concerns for women in Bangladesh, an initiative for which she was invited to the White House twice by President Obama.

The Journal Sentinel team—Rick Barrett, Corrinne Hess, and Mark Hoffman—will  travel to Asia and Latin America to look at why Midwest companies, caught up in rising global conflict and broken supply chains, are bringing manufacturing back from overseas. 

“The plan is to connect factory workers in North America with their counterparts in Asia, putting a human face on global trade,” said Barrett. “We’ll share their stories of how they’ve been affected, for good or for worse, by powerful forces largely outside their control.” 

Barrett covers technology, telecom, and agriculture. He has received Best in Business awards from the Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing and was a co-recipient of a Barlett & Steele award for investigative business journalism.

Hess is a business reporter at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and the USA Today Network, covering manufacturing and green energy. Until earlier this year, she was a general assignment news reporter for Wisconsin Public Radio, and before that she wrote for various publications, including the Kenosha News.

Hoffman has been on the staff at the Journal Sentinel since 1992. He was hired as a picture editor before becoming deputy photo editor a short time later. After 10 years in management, he went back to his dream job of telling stories as a photojournalist. Prior to that, he was a photo desk supervisor and picture editor at the New York headquarters of the Associated Press. Some of the international stories he has covered include the struggle of Syrian refugees in Jordan and Germany and a Milwaukee doctor's mission to help them; the threat of zoonotic diseases with reporting in Uganda and Kenya; the civil war in El Salvador; and the environmental effects of oil sand mining in Alberta, Canada.

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