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1 in 5 young people around the world are NEETs. What are NEETs?

By Hope O'Dell

From the United Kingdom to China, youth unemployment has been a point of concern. But across the world there is also a growing number of young people who aren’t in school, don’t have a job, and aren’t in any sort of vocational training.

5 minute read

From oil to Ikea furniture: Red Sea conflict and Panama Canal drought delay shipments and could increase emissions

By Hope O'Dell

Over 90% of the world's traded goods are transported by ship.

4 minute read

Providing electricity to 750 million people could help fight climate change, not exacerbate it

By AJ Caughey

After decades of steady progress, the number of people without access to electricity increased in 2022. About 80% of people worldwide who don’t have electricity live in sub-Saharan Africa.

4 minute read

Multiple countries have tested a universal basic income – and it works

By Hope O'Dell

England is the latest in a string of countries to test giving its residents a guaranteed amount of money every month, also known as a universal basic income (UBI).

3 minute read