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My journey from Russian dissident to Canadian activist

By Liza Slutskaya

Russian dissident Maria Kartasheva moved to Canada to escape persecution but when the Canadian government learned of her persecution in Russia, they rejected her application for citizenship.

How to bring disability rights into the climate movement

By Liza Slutskaya

Climate activist Umesh Balal Magar on advocating for disability rights in the climate movement.

What's going on with malaria around the world?

By Liza Slutskaya

Krystal Birungi and her team at Target Malaria are working on creating genetic technology to eradicate the disease.

How learning Arabic opened my world

By Liza Slutskaya

Yakir Renbaum learned Arabic to understand Palestinians.

Can you get rid of forever chemicals? More countries are finding out

By Hope O'Dell

While many PFAS chemicals are unregulated worldwide, more countries are acting to limit them, since they have been found in soil, water, and even people’s bloodstreams.

4 minute read

How countries and aid organizations are using logos to get clout – and money

By Hope O'Dell, By Tria Raimundo

From tents to toilets to bags of food, there’s one thing much of humanitarian aid has in common: logos. But as organizations fight for funding and countries vie for international clout, some are pushing back against the “soft power” move behind branded aid.


5 minute read

More than 281 million people worldwide face 'acute food insecurity' — what does that mean?

By Hope O'Dell, By Tria Raimundo

The number of people experiencing high levels of acute food insecurity more than doubled last year compared to 2019.

1 minute read

State lawmakers are concerned about Chinese ownership of US land, but other countries own much more American acreage

By Hope O'Dell, By AJ Caughey

As of 2021, China owned less than 1% of all foreign-held land in the U.S. Canada, by contrast, held more than the entire area of Vermont and New Hampshire combined.

5 minute read

The fight to lower Malaysia’s voting age

By Tria Raimundo

Tharma Pillai co-founded Undi18 in 2016 to advocate that Malaysia lower its voting age from 21 to 18. At the time, Malaysia was one of nine countries that prohibited anyone under the age of 21 from voting in an election.

We rescued dozens from war in Sudan, now we're looking ahead

By Liza Slutskaya

Sami al-Gada and Hassan Tibwa were students at the International University of Africa when the war in Sudan broke out. Neither thought the war would last longer than a few days. They were wrong.