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What it's like to rescues migrants at sea

By Liza Slutskaya

“No one deserves to die at sea ... seeking a safe and more humane life,” said Leona Blankenstein, tactical coordinator of Sea Watch International, an organization dedicated to search and rescue in the Central Mediterranean Sea.

1 in 5 young people around the world are NEETs. What are NEETs?

By Hope O'Dell

From the United Kingdom to China, youth unemployment has been a point of concern. But across the world there is also a growing number of young people who aren’t in school, don’t have a job, and aren’t in any sort of vocational training.

5 minute read

Why is Sweden telling its citizens to prepare for war?

By Hope O'Dell

As the country moves closer to joining NATO, member countries, including Poland and Germany, have said that within the next decade Russia could attack nations that have joined the military alliance. 


4 minute read

What it took to 3D print a school in Ukraine

Much of Ukraine's buildings have been lost to the war. Could 3D printing be a solution? We spoke with Jean-Christophe Bonis of Team4UA.

What it's like to clean up landmines in your own country

By Liza Slutskaya

Why women are important to Ukraine's safety effort.

Multiple countries have tested a universal basic income – and it works

By Hope O'Dell

England is the latest in a string of countries to test giving its residents a guaranteed amount of money every month, also known as a universal basic income (UBI).

3 minute read

It will take decades to clear Ukraine's landmines. Without more women, it will be even slower — and more dangerous.

By AJ Caughey

Demining agencies in Ukraine have dramatically increased their recruiting and have made gender equity a higher priority.

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