Asia Pacific

Explainers and perspectives on the Asia-Pacific region.

Young Taiwanese voters could swing the upcoming presidential election, deciding the island’s future relationship with China

By Hope O'Dell

At least a quarter of Taiwan’s eligible voters are between 20 and 40 years old, a group that overwhelmingly supports an independent Taiwan. 

5 minute read

'I make art so the world doesn't forget the girls of Afghanistan'

By Hannah Long-Higgins

Before the Taliban came into power in 2021, 23-year-old artist Atena Soltani supported herself financially through art projects. Unable to have a normal life in Afghanistan under Taliban rule, she moved to Italy. Now, she transforms her challenges and concerns for girls living in Afghanistan into sketches. 

The US doesn't recognize Taiwan as a sovereign nation, so why is it arming the island?

By Hope O'Dell

The U.S. has maintained a delicate balance between not officially recognizing Taiwan as a sovereign nation and arming the island to fend off any Chinese aggression out of concern that an expanding China could threaten its own political and economic interests in the Asia-Pacific region.

5 minute read

How Shein and Temu get around US labor laws that ban products made with forced labor

By Hope O'Dell

A June congressional report revealed the two companies are taking advantage of a U.S. shipping provision that allows them to avoid paying tariffs on orders and to “circumvent” a U.S. law that aims to protect Uyghurs in China from being forced to produce cotton products.

4 minute read