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Windows 10

Discussion in 'Bits & Bytes' started by Biker, Jul 16, 2015.

  1. ethics

    ethics Pomp-Dumpster Staff Member

    Windows 10 IS a piece of steaming pile of hot shit. The problem is that most techies know this but the general pub doesn't understand. As long as their browser runs on internet, all is good.
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  2. Greg

    Greg Full Member

    Most of us techies know this, but Windoze is moving towards LIVE Windoze which exchanges a "buy an OS" into the equivalent of "rent an OS." All your data are owned by Microsoft. They are not content to SELL you an OS, they want to RENT it to you: cloud computing -- your computer is just a terminal.

    At the same time Win10 is intended to be scalable from small phones to large PCs and entertainment systems. Along the way however they have written so many "thunks" (technical term originally for 64-bit interfaces to 32-bit modules) so that Windoze can run on anything...

    It is just not realistic that one OS can run on everything from your phone to your media PC, yet that is what MSFT is trying to do. Never mind most of don't have touch screens on our desktops. If I am any example, I don't want a big desktop MSFT clone of my iPhone.

    What you are watching here is MSFT is trying to consolidate their code base to have one scalable OS that will work on the smallest phones to the biggest media PCs.

    At least Apple realizes that is not possible.


    At present time my desktop runs Debian. It's Gnome desktop is rather thin. I wish the Linux community would take on Windows XP and present THAT experience. If they did that and an easy installer, bye bye Windows.
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  3. Arc

    Arc Full Member

    With all versions of Windows it's kind of a tradition you know.

    I have it on backup or secondary computer just so I can remain user familiar with the OS as it is the dominant OS. I spend 95 percent of my time on OS X. Many others use a variety of OSs that fit their personal taste and needs. When I do go on Windows 10 I spend 95 percent of my time doing Windows updates and security program updates.

    It's no wonder Bill want's to give away most of his money. The guy is obviously guilt ridden.
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  4. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

    Apparently this does NOT work if you attempt to install from scratch. Friend of mine has been pulling her hair out and she finally broke down and called Microsoft support.

    Their response? The "free" upgrade is not a full version and cannot be used to reinstall from scratch.

    So essentially, even if you've been a good boy, follow the rules and your machine goes tango uniform, you're now screwed.
  5. Allene

    Allene Registered User

    I have the "free" upgrade of Windows 10 (from Windows 8.1). It took forever--about 22-24 hours to be exact. It works okay (after I threw out a lot of junk).:are you shitting me:
  6. Andy


    I finally ripped off the band-aid and reverted my Parallels snapshot back to Win7. Took all of about 5 minutes.

    Everything actually works again.

    Now I just need to update SWTOR to the latest patch.
  7. tke711

    tke711 Oink Oink Staff Member

    I was just given my new work laptop (Lenovo X1 Yoga) which came pre-loaded with Windows 10 Pro. While there are a couple of annoyances, overall I quite like it. My boot up time is simply amazing compared to my previous, only 3 year old, Lenovo notebook with Windows 7.

    Things I like:
    • Really fast boot up
    • Overall performance
    • Layout and customization for start button menu. This is HUGE and can really be tailored to how I use the laptop.
    • Action center in the task bar
    • Not having to hit CTRL-ALT-DELETE to get to the login screen on reboot. Can simply hit any key and the id/password screen comes up.
    • Settings structure is much improved
    To be fair, this is a new machine with a SSD, which probably explains some of those things more than Windows 10.

    Things I don't like:
    • Display settings (desktop icon layout) is never remembered. Every time I shut down and reboot, the icons are auto arranged (yes, that's turned off) to the left side of the screen. Incredibly annoying!
    • Other display settings aren't remember either. I have two external displays in my office (one for me and one facing people sitting in the guest chairs across my desk). I only activate the 2nd external display when people are visiting and I need to share something on my screen with them. However, on every reboot, it goes back to activating both screens instead of just external monitor #1.
    • Learning where they've put everything now. LOL
    I'm also using the Lenovo OneLink+ docking station when I'm in the office which may actually be the culprit for some of these display issues. Rumor has it that an update is coming any day so maybe, crossing my fingers, that will solve the issue. It's really damn annoying to move my desktop icons around every damn day. :are you shitting me:

    I was told by corporate that they've had nothing but problems with machines that used the free Windows 10 upgrade and have blocked it from being done now. However, they are seeing virtually no issues on new machines with Windows 10 preloaded.
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  8. dsl987

    dsl987 Member

    We switched all 4 of our machines to Win 10 and have not had any problems.
  9. tke711

    tke711 Oink Oink Staff Member

    Forgot to mention one other thing.

    Microsoft Edge....their new browser.

    In a word....it sucks. LOL Many websites simply don't work on it and then automatically jumps to IE 11.

    The exception is Apple Event Live Streaming actually works in Microsoft Edge. That's cool...but weird when many other sites simply don't work.
  10. dsl987

    dsl987 Member

    At some point in the near future I need to do a Motherboard upgrade as the current one only supports the original SATA which is holding back my Samsung Evo quite a bit, plus it would be nice to get USB 3.0 ports as well. I've heard that Windows sometimes baulks at major upgrades and thinks you're trying to install the O/S on more than one machine. Anyone run into this problem?

    Also would like to take the opportunity to swap to 64bit Windows instead of 32bit
  11. Biker

    Biker Administrator Staff Member

    This week's update caused some mayhem on my machine, causing it pretty much to "reinstall" Windows 10. I now have to rip out Cortana, One drive and that damned MS Store again.
  12. Allene

    Allene Registered User

    Argghh! I haven't had time to look at any of it.
  13. Susan Addams

    Susan Addams Unregistered User

    Interesting topic although again I'm late to the game. I think some things have changed since this topic was updated.

    Whoever said it was totally right, you have to actively turn off all those privacy stealing, data mining options!

    Another thing DO NOT CREATE A MSFT ACCOUNT to login! Instead choose local, that's the way we've always done it. As pointed out above, MSFT wants to insinuate themselves into our computers and steal our lives.

    Next thing on the menu is to KILL Cortana! I've done it on Win10 system so far and have a few more to go. Cortana just keeps resetting settings you change because it's Cortana's job to keep your computer a mindless slave reporting to the mother ship. I forget what I did because I was in a roboticidal rage, but I have my 2nd Win10 PC to do next and a friend's after.

    Then install Firefox ESR. That's "extended service release" and is intended for organizations and corporations that don't want their FF morphing every month. (WTF this quick cycle release shit???) My employer/customer uses FF ESR because they don't wanna be slapped with their browsers and corporate apps suddenly going down over the new month's FF update. I know because my main IT job is writing corporate apps and any change in FF can warp my world!

    On the ESR release train you get only security fixes and features don't morph out on you. We have a once yearly night of the living dead when ESR re-syncs to mainstream ESR. Personally I prefer Pale Moon which morphs even more slowly, but I have to use the corporate browser at work.

    For those of you who liked XP and Win2K you can have that back, just read this: Classic Shell - Start menu and other Windows enhancements

    Main no-no's : Do not create a MSFT account. Do not accept any spying networks. Get rid of Cortana! KiLL CORTANA!

    My research to date indicates Edge cannot be removed safely! It is like Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer, they are the same program! Different guises, same code. In theory you could get rid of Edge if you added a third party file manager. But if you kill Cortana and install Firefox I see no harm in leaving it installed but unused.

    I recently bought two PCs for my two "HT" locations. They are powered by Intel Atom processors. They are intended as PC streamers. They run Windows 10. They are not power computers but they have everything: in miniature.
    Upgraded Z83-F Fanless MINI PC Desktop, 4GB/32GB Intel Atom x5-Z8350 (up to 1.92 GHz) HD Graphics 400/ 4K/ 2.4G+5.8G WiFi/ 1000Mbps LAN/ BT4.0 [VGA&HDMI Dual Output] [Support Windows 10 64-Bit]

    Last edited: Dec 15, 2017
  14. Susan Addams

    Susan Addams Unregistered User

    Linux? It's no secret that every later version of Windows has more bloat, you need a faster CPU and more RAM. There is the constant need to upgrade your hardware as future releases finally overwhelm your old computer.
  15. dsl987

    dsl987 Member

    No Linux here. We finally got him a new laptop for college, and it was definitely a big improvement
  16. Susan Addams

    Susan Addams Unregistered User

    Of course it is! And it's part of what is called the "Wintel complex." MSFT writes ever more bloated O/S, Intel comes out with ever more powerful chip sets. If you are a conspiracy theorist you'll blame Wintel AKA MSFT + INTC.

    I think it's more benign, that simply both corporations are trying to satisfy their market.

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