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This internship is virtual

The Chicago Council on Global Affairs works to identify opportunities for US leadership in advancing global food security and nutrition and alleviating poverty through agricultural development. In 2008 the Council's Center on Global Food and Agriculture published a report that provided a blueprint for the Obama Administration’s USAID global food security initiative, Feed the Future. Since then, the Council has convened business, policy, scientific, and civil society leaders for task forces examining US farm policy; the nexus between nutrition, health, and the food system; the impact of climate change on food production; the role of research and technology; and food system transformations necessary to feed an urbanizing world. The resulting reports of task force findings and recommendations provide guidance for how stakeholders from the public, private, and NGO sectors can work together to implement innovative solutions to global food security challenges. In addition to annual thematic reports, the Council on Global Affairs also publishes shorter briefs on topics such as US-Africa trade relations; US public opinion on scientific techniques, such as genetic modification, used in food production; and links between civil unrest and high food prices.

This internship role works under direct supervision from the Research Associate, supporting research, policy reports, and Council blog platforms.

This intern performs a variety of tasks including:
  • Substantive research and editing
  • External outreach to stakeholders
  • Developing and preparing materials for report dissemination, Symposium preparation, and convenings
  • Assisting the research and organization of the project’s weekly news brief, Global Food for Thought, which follows media, research, and policy developments on issues surrounding global agriculture, food security and nutrition, and development assistance
  • Administrative duties
  • Other tasks as assigned
  • Undergraduate junior or senior or graduate student
  • Demonstrated interest in global agriculture or international development
  • Strong research and editing skills
  • Excellent written and interpersonal skills
  • Keen attention to detail
  • Ability to multi-task with quick turnaround times

Apply now for the Intern, Global Food and Agriculture Program: Research opportunity.